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training:_3tier_global_ghi3TIER’s Global Solar Dataset 3km with units in W/m²
training:_3tier_global_windspeed_land_80m3TIER’s Global Wind Dataset 5km onshore wind speed at 80m height units in m/s
turkey:turkey_cratersVolcanic craters in Turkey
turkey:turkey_geothermal_resourcesGeothermal sites in Turkey
uruguay:Uruguay_ghi_octoberUruguay Daily Average GHI October
uruguay:Uruguay_ghi_julyUruguay Daily Average GHI July
uruguay:Uruguay_ghi_januaryUruguay Daily Average GHI January
uruguay:Uruguay_ghi_juneUruguay Daily Average GHI June
uruguay:Uruguay_ghi_augustUruguay Daily Average GHI August
uruguay:Uruguay_ghi_annualUruguay Daily Average GHI Annual
uruguay:Uruguay_ghi_aprilUruguay Daily Average GHI April
uruguay:Uruguay_ghi_februaryUruguay Daily Average GHI February
uruguay:Uruguay_ghi_marchUruguay Daily Average GHI March
uruguay:Uruguay_ghi_mayUruguay Daily Average GHI May
uruguay:Uruguay_ghi_novemberUruguay Daily Average GHI November
uruguay:Uruguay_ghi_decemberUruguay Daily Average GHI December
uruguay:Uruguay_ghi_septemberUruguay Daily Average GHI September
irena:geo_power_plantsWorld Geothermal Power Plants 2014
irena:lspop2012-2011Change in population density every1km between 2011 and 2012
irena:heatflow_2015_rasterGlobal Geothermal Surface Heat Flow IHFC 2015
irena:lspop2013Global Population Database World 1km ORNL 2013
irena:lspop2014Global Population Database World 1km ORNL 2014
irena:lspop2012Global Population Database World 1km ORNL 2012
irena:GLOBCOVER_L4_200901_200912_V2.3GlobCover land cover map world ESA 2009
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